Japanese Office Cats Increase Productivity

Thinking about a career shift? Let us suggest a job at the Ferray Corporation, an Internet solutions company in Tokyo, Japan.

While we can’t speak to the specifics of the work, we do know one detail about the office culture that should sway your decision: Ferray Corporation has nine office cats.

These company felines are all rescues that have found a forever home among the employees, computers and copiers of the Ferray Corporation.

The company decided to adopt the felines to increase workplace productivity and happiness. Due to the limited space in Tokyo, many apartments in the city prohibit pets, leaving residents to find their kitty kicks elsewhere, like in cat cafés.

Employees at Ferray Corporation are loving their new furry coworkers, and, according to RocketNews24, the boss is loving them too. Since the nine felines were hired, there has been a noticeable increase in inter-office communication, with employees talking more are as they gush over the cats together.

Employees have reported feeling less stressed in the office thanks to the calming presence of the cats, who are always up for a cuddle.

The cats also seem to be enjoying their new setup. There are beds, toys, litter boxes and treats dispersed throughout the office to ensure they stay comfortable and content.

Of course, there are a few minor issues.

Like all kitties, these hired meowers love chewing on cords, walking on keyboards and tearing up paper. But the Ferray Coporation is happy to accept these small nuisances if it means 24/7 cat access.

The company’s pet-friendly policies extend beyond its new hires. Employees are encouraged to bring in their own pets if they have them, and the Ferray Corporation offers a bonus of $42 a month to any worker who adopts a cat while at the company.

Cat people, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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