Senior Cat Gets Quinceanera Birthday Party After Turning 15 Years Old

It’s important to respect your elders, whether they be humans, dogs, cats or hamsters.

Angel Olavarria and his family went and above beyond to show their senior cat Luna how much they cared. For her 15th birthday, Luna got her very own Quinceañera.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

This special party was much more than a cake and a single balloon. A Quinceañera is often a celebration for a young’s girl coming of age, marked by an extravagant party on her 15th birthday. For Luna, it was a celebration of her long life, and the years of love she has given to the Olavarria family.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

The cat lovers first welcomed Luna into their home when she was just three weeks old, rescuing her off the side of the road. Luna immediately acclimated to her new home, showing her gratitude through her affectionate behavior, reports Love Meow.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

After 15 years of unabashed love, Luna deserved a party, so Olavarria’s mother decided a kitty Quinceañera was in order. For the occasion, the family got Luna a custom pink gown and plenty of pink decorations to match. The devoted feline was also treated to several of her favorite dishes, tuna treats and a traditional tres leches cake.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

The celebration lasted about three hours and was attended by 12 of Luna’s closest human companions.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

Even though she is in her golden years and has lost quite a few teeth, Olavarria says that Luna hasn’t slowed down at all and is still the loving, purring “cheeseball” he has known from day one.
Courtesy Angel Olavarria

To keep up with the sprightly senior with a taste for cake, you can follow her on Instagram!

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