Granddaughter Sneaks Dog Into Hospital for Grandmother


This is what respecting your elders looks like!

Shelby Hennick’s grandmother was recently hospitalized due to a negative reaction to one of her medications, reports Refinery 29. For the grandmother, this meant three long days away from her beloved dog Patsy.

As a veterinary technician, Hennick understands the healing power of animals, so she decided to take action. When the 21-year-old got a call from her mom about how desperately her grandma was missing Patsy, Hennick swung by her grandmother’s house and took Patsy for a ride.
Shelby Hennick/Twitter

Hennick was determined to deliver the dog to her grandma, but knew the hospital has rules about pets. Unless they are service animals, pets aren’t allowed in the hospital. This was only a slight roadblock for Hennick, who decided to get creative instead of giving up.

Treating Patsy like the sweet baby she is, Hennick wrapped the small dog in a blanket and held her like an infant. With the well-disguised dog in her arms, Hennick was able to walk into the hospital and to her grandmother’s room without issue.
Shelby Hennick/Twitter

The risk was worth it. Photos posted to Hennick’s Twitter of the heroic dupe show the disguise and the grandmother’s grateful reaction.

Hennick’s post has been retweeted over 127,000 times by people who highly approve of her covert canine activities.

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