Mayte Garcia and People Pet Vet Evan Antin Dog Rescue

PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin loves helping all types of animals, from A to Z.

So when Ziggy the neglected pup came into Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital with Mayte Garcia of Mayte’s Rescue, Dr. Antin was eager to get the dog back on his paws.

Ziggy was found abandoned in a box on the side of a freeway in California. When he was brought in to see Dr. Antin for the first time, Ziggy was suffering from ear infections, dental disease, orthopedic issues and malnourishment.

Dr. Antin started treating this laundry list of health issues by hydrating Ziggy, neutering him, and cleaning up his nails, ears and mouth.

But the tiny dog’s recovery didn’t stop there. For the next few months following his first visit to Dr. Antin’s office, Ziggy was showered with love, nourishment and comfort by Garcia.

After helping Dr. Antin transform Ziggy into a healthy, spirited pet, Garcia decided to adopt him and make him the permanent mascot of Mayte’s Rescue.

Now, Ziggy and his story are raising awareness about all the amazing things helping an animal can do.

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