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Yes, That’s a Pig in a Dog Obedience Class

Rupert oinks right back at his barking classmates. Video stills by: CTV

At almost 5 months old, this pig is happily oinking his way through an obedience training class in Canada, right along with a group of dogs.

Described as “hilarious” by one of his trainers, Rupert is a smart pig who just needs to learn a few manners.

Tyler Kyle and Jessica Babcock enrolled the kunekune pig in the class several weeks ago, in hopes that he will learn how to obey certain commands. They want to be able to walk him on a leash, worry-free.

Quite unaware that he is different from his classmates (who are all canines), Rupert is the perfect student — eager to learn and easy to catch on.

He walks around happily wagging his little tail. His classmates’ barking does not intimidate him — he simply oinks back at them.

The clicker training is reward-based, with tomatoes as the reward.
The clicker training is reward-based, with tomatoes as the reward.

Clickers and treats are used in the training. Just like the dogs, Rupert receives a tasty treat (tomatoes are his favorite) for a job well done.

According to Kyle and Babcock, their little porker is a lover, not a fighter. He has never been known to get into a fight with a dog or bite anyone, but he loves snuggling on the couch with his caregivers and watching a good movie.

Now that is an awesome pet!

Rupert loves snuggling — and he’s pretty good at his training classes, too.

Source: Nanaimo News BulletinCTV

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