International Cat Day Memes


Kitties all over the world, join paws. Start a meow train, meow train … because it’s #InternationalCat Day.

We’re not even halfway through this joyous holiday created to recognize the dominion felines hold over the entire Earth, and the Internet is already freaking out.

Since the World Wide Web was essentially created to encourage the viral spread of cat cuteness, it isn’t surprising that #InternationalCatDay is trending on Twitter. And this trend comes bearing gifts (and gifs)!
Ser Baffo/Getty

To celebrate this important calendar moment, cat lovers from across the globe are going to Twitter to share their favorite feline photos, gifs, videos and memes, and the whole world is a better place for it.

Whether you have a kitty of your own or just admire them, you can still join the furry festivities by getting your purrs on with these amazing online cat moments.

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