National Dog Day Hashtag Party Dogs

Release the Hounds! You don’t want your pup to be tardy for the party.

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, and canines across America are showing their puppy pride on Instagram (and beyond) with the hashtag #partydog. All types of pups have turned up for this celebration. Let’s check out who’s on the VIP list.

Catalina Wine Mixer #PartyDog

(Very Good) Birthday Boy #PartyDog


Purple People-eater #PartyDog

Pity #PartyDog

Eyes Wide Shut #PartyDog

Pizza #PartyDog

Pool #PartyDog

Sophisticated #PartyDog

Flip Cup #PartyDog

Cone of Shame #PartyDog

Undercover #PartyDog

Diaper #PartyDog

How are you and your dog celebrating? Tell us with an Instagram tagged @peoplepets and #partydog. Happy celebrating!

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