Worlds Longest Cat 2017

The world’s longest cat is here to reach into your heart with his supermodel limbs.

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, a Savannah cat from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is now the World’s Largest Domestic Cat according to Guinness World Records, measuring just more than 29 in.
Kevin Scott Ramos/GWR

The 2-year-old cat weighs 30 lbs. and keeps his impressive body nourished by eating more than 1 lb. of food a day, reports The TelegraphArcturus also uses his length in an attempt to get extra snacks, often standing on his hind legs to reach the family kitchen table, which he shares with owners Will and Lauren.
Kevin Scott Ramos/GWR

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Even though he is a record holder, Arcturus isn’t too different from other domestic felines — except that he needs a medium-sized doggy door to get out of the house.

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