Dog Stays With Missing Boy Until He Is Found

Man’s best friend can also be his protector.

On Tuesday, William Odom, 2, of Saucier, Missouri, went missing from his home, reports WBTV. His parents, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the neighborhood all joined together to search for the child, who they worried could be alone and in danger.

Once the group found the boy sleeping in a truck about a quarter-mile from his home, several hours after the search started, they found he wasn’t alone after all.

“Every time we found his footprint, we found the [family] dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day,” Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said. “When the little boy was found the dog was still circling the truck and scratching on the truck.”

After reuniting the toddler with his family and looking into the disappearance, authorities believe no foul play was involved; instead they think Odom may have wandered off on his own.

Thankfully, the paternal pooch decided to follow after the little boy and keep an eye on him until he was safe.

“It’s an amazing story. We’re very thankful that he is in good health. And we brought him home to his family,” Peterson added.

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