Norman the Scooter Dog Has Cancer, Treated for Lymphoma

If Norman can pedal past this obstacle, he can do anything. But a little extra push to help him achieve his goal could truly give this wonder dog a new lease on life.

The talented, 8-year-old Briard from Atlanta is a two-time Guinness World Record Winner (fastest 30 meters on a scooter by a dog in 2013; fastest 30 meters on a bicycle by a dog in 2014) and affectionately known to fans the world over as “Norman the Scooter Dog.”  Appearances on the news, Late Show with David Letterman and, of course, YouTube, made this unbelievably skilled pet with the very distinctive look a household name.

Nowadays, Norman is focusing less on entertaining folks and more on getting strong and healthy again. Devastatingly, this super-dog was diagnosed with cancer in June. According to a GoFundMe page on his behalf, Norman is battling lymphoma — stage IV.

After some panting and clingy behavior, the usually fun-loving and goofy pup received a full blood panel from the vet, which came back normal. However, a few weeks later, his owners discovered multiple swollen lymph nodes and their worst fears were confirmed.

If left untreated, most dogs only live two to eight weeks. The typical treatment is a combination of chemotherapy and the steroid Prednisone. With chemo, a dog’s life expectancy can be six months to two years. Norman was only 7 years old at the time of diagnosis; the Briard breed’s life expectancy is 12 to 14, with some dogs living upwards of 16 years. His family wants to give this dog, who has given so much joy to many people, the best chance possible to live a long and happy life.

As Norman’s GoFundMe page explains, “The option with the best possible outcome is to get him into remission with chemo, and then perform a bone marrow transplant. There are only 3 locations that do this procedure in the US. Norman is lucky that NCSU is one of those facilities and is only 7 hours away from his home.”

VCA West Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Chretin there have also become “like a second family” to Norman, according to his Facebook page.

The estimated price tag for Norman’s protocol was $20,000 to $25,000, a costly burden for any family, and so his friends and family reached out and hoped for the kindness of strangers to help save Norman.

“If we can get this message out to 5,000 people that donate just $5 then we will be able to help Norman get the life saving treatments that he needs and give back to this amazing dog that has put smiles on literally millions of faces. Norman we love you and know you can beat this!” reads the GoFundMe message.

The message was heard loud and clear by Norman fans, dog lovers and Good Samaritans, who have donated more than $24,000 toward his care. However, his funding goals have soared higher. As of Nov. 7, Norman’s GoFundMe page reports that “his platelet counts have been too low for him to be released from the hospital as scheduled, and he’s needed daily platelets transfusions.”

Luckily for Norman, The Perseus Foundation has joined the fight. Through an anonymous donor, the foundation will match donations up to $10,000 to help raise funds to pay for Norman’s platelets.

You can donate toward helping save this beloved dog through his PayPal link. (Be sure to type “Norman the Scooter Dog” where it says “Add special instructions to the seller.”) We’re thinking of you, Norman!


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