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10 Pets Who Take Being Angry to a Whole New Level

Let’s face it: Even the most easygoing person or pet in the world has their quirky things that just send them over the edge. I’m not talking minor irritation or an eye roll, but real, steaming, flip-a-table mad.

For me, it’s when someone puts the ice cream back into the freezer with one lousy scoop left. I mean, come on!

We may not like getting mad, but it happens. And if it’s any comfort to you, these 10 pets are just as angry as you’ve ever been. Maybe even more.

1. This cat may be angry because he’s stuck on a car, or because his name is Mr. Fluffskin. Either of which is a fully acceptable reason for this facial expression.

2. Don’t you hate it when you go to get a pastry and someone’s already taken a bite out of it? This dog does.

3. I’d think twice (or 3 times) before approaching this horse with anything resembling a grooming instrument before offering a sugar cube.

4. Tarantulas typically have pretty mild temperaments, but they do get angry. And you won’t catch me within 50 feet of this one any time soon.

5. “I swear to God, human, if you make me take one more selfie I’m going to snap!”

6. This cat is every parent on their last nerve after dealing with multiple kids home on school vacation.

7. When you’re so mad that you abandon all reason and are just left with “Come at me, bro!”

8. Ever have those days where you just wake up ticked off? This hedgie can relate.

9. Chihuahuas have a reputation for being angry, but I have to admit I’d be irked too if my human put fake eyebrows on me and starting snapping photos.

10. The face you make when your easy “do it yourself” fixit project turned into Project Nightmare.

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