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A Glimpse of the Issues Faced by Our Pets

The world becomes a very beautiful place to live when we have festivals like Christmas and New Year. It is the fervor of these festivals, which keeps the current running in our bodies, and ensures the environment homely and makes everyone look cheerful and positive.

While Christmas marks the happy end of the year, New Year paves way for a new beginning. The word ‘New’ itself, is a symbol of hope, aspiration, and a belief for a better and healthier tomorrow. Pet Care Supplies is also a new concept. It has revolutionized the very idea of pet care and parenting. We don’t see pet care just a mean to sell products, but a medium to build a strong relationship involving pet parents and their lovely pets.

This New Year, as part of our pet awareness drive, we have come up with major issues faced by the beloved pets and ways to deal with them. So, Let’s educate ourselves to grasp the nerve of the problem

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe

Fleas and Ticks

The most common threat posed to our pets is by these fleas and ticks. These are blood-sucking parasites, which feeds on our pet’s body and makes their life miserable. They are, found in homes, woods, garden, lawns or environment, which they find conducive to breed. Symptoms include severe scratching, itching, licking and skin biting.

In such a situation, the first thing you can do is to clean your house inside out, which includes the indoor environment where you live in, including the dog’s habitat and furniture. Then the cleanliness drive should reach the yard and kennel areas. This is to make sure that no new breeding grounds can find a place in your house or your surroundings.

Having done your duty, use products such as Frontline Plus and Advantage to get rid of this menace completely. Consulting a vet should also be an option.


While the external parasites are very much known by the name of fleas and ticks, there are internal parasites too which, we call as wormers. They hide in the intestines of the pet and thus, present us with a situation, which cannot be taken lightly.

The silver lining here is that it is treatable with products such as Antezole Liquid Suspension, Popantel, Cazitel Plus, Endogard, etc.

Behavioral Issues: Dogs and Cats

Does your dog barks whenever he sees a new individual in your house or does your cat pees at places which are the not the places to urinate. Dogs and cats do have behavioral issues. They also feel stress and anxiety. The job of a pet parent here is to grasp the situation correctly. Being angry at pet will deliver no good.

Thus, consult your vet to get the clear picture. Products, which are known to deal with behavioral issues in pets are:

For DogDAP Collar and DAP Spray
For CatFeliway Spray


Pets, be it dog or a cat do get wounds either while jumping or through a contact with toxic material. Apart from having an eye on the movements of your pet, there has to be some products in your pet kit, which possess healing properties and thus an apt solution for such wounds.

To name a few are Avert Bitter Solution, Dermaclens, and WoundGard for dogs
For Cats– Avert Bitter Solution and Dermavet

Well! It is said that the education of an individual never ends. Similarly, with this New Year our relationship with you will grow and grow forever. Looking forward to share, more views.

Till then, wish you a very Happy New Year

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