PetSmart Groomer Filmed Abusing Dog

After two dog deaths following grooming appointments around the holiday season, PetSmart is in hot water yet again.

According to KTRK, who reported the story, a Houston PetSmart groomer has been fired by the store, after a customer caught the employee abusing a client’s dog on camera.

Terah Leder walked into the store and noticed one of the groomers roughly grabbing a dog she was trimming. Realizing that something was wrong, Leder decided to start filming the employee’s interaction with the canine.

The two minute video captured by the concerned citizen shows the groomer roughly grabbing, tugging and handling the even-tempered, black and white pup.

“I was trembling, freaking out. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen,” Leder told KTRK of what was running through her mind when she took the “crazy” video.

Feeling that she would want to know if her dog was being abused by a trusted professional, Leder told the store’s management about the incident and then waited outside to confront the owner of the dog in the footage when they arrived.

After waiting an hour, Brooke Vowers left the store with the little dog, named Boo, and Leder approached her.

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding?’ Just kinda like confused, you know?” Vowers told KTRK about her reaction to Leder’s news.

Vowers, after watching the evidence, posted the damning clip on her own Facebook, with a message saying she will never return to the store for grooming services.

The doting dog owner feels sick over the fact that the abuse her Shih Tzu endured could have happened to other dogs who visited the groomer as well, but is grateful that a fellow animal lover brought the danger to her attention.

Luckily, Boo appears to have suffered no serious injuries from the incident.

PetSmart says it has fired the employee that appears in the video and believes her treatment of Boo was “completely unacceptable.”

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