Istanbul Metro Station Cat Escalator Video

It’s the epitome of cat behavior.

An eight-second clip that has been viewed over 1.3 million times on Facebook, shows a feline sitting in front of a busy metro station escalator, unbothered by the inconvenience she is causing riders. The calico kitty sits almost dead center to where people need to exit, seemingly confident that the dozens of people stepping off the escalator will move to accommodate her nap time.

And they do!

The footage shows everyone hustling to step over the cat, being careful not to disturb the very important animal.

It turns out the cat is rather important. According to the blog Anadolu Kedisi, the feline is known as the Taksim Metro Cat, named such for the busy Istanbul metro station she calls home.

The indifferent kitty has been living at the Taksim metro station for at least three years, leading some to say the cat “owns” the station. She certainly acts like she does.

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After years of special treatment from riders, the feline feels comfortable resting anywhere she pleases at the station, ignoring the needs of the thousands that pass by her on a daily basis.

The Taksim Metro Cat is one of countless city felines that calls Istanbul home and is watched out for by the adoring locals.

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