Man Pranks Cat Pretend to Be Dead Video


Youtube influencer Cory Williams, also known as “Mr. Safety,” pulled a mean prank on his kitty recently. Williams’ cat Sparta is an animal influencer himself who goes by the moniker “The Mean Kitty,” on Youtube.  The Internet famous feline’s adventures alongside his human and animal family members are regularly documented by his exhibitionist dad, but this time, Sparta got the last laugh.

For some people, it’s not unusual to fantasize about whether a loved one would care if you died. Morbid, sure. But the question is not unheard of. What is strange, however, and even cruel by some standards, is to fake your own death just to see how your pet would react. (See the video above.)

First of all, Sparta’s cat sibling Loki has no response, betrays no emotion or opinion whatsoever. The Mean Kitty is, at least, interested to investigate. He meows and gives a few curious chirps. He walks over to and sniffs around his dad. But, ultimately, there is no big scene. No waterworks. No caterwauling wails of sorrow. Nope, Sparta simply plops down across from Williams’ faux-dead body and hunkers down for a nap.

Personally, I think Sparta’s reaction to Williams’ dramatic trick death is open for interpretation. A) This cat is no dummy. He knows his dad is alive, he can tell Williams is still breathing, and he’s simply non-plussed. B) Sparta subscribes to the “not impressed” mentality of most Internet cats and truly does not care if his dad has croaked or not. C) The Mean Kitty knows his dad is alive and wants to make him look as foolish, and feel as bad, as possible by pretending like he doesn’t give a damn whisker about the jerk. Or D) Something happened. He checked it out. He’s over it. He’s ready for his nap now.

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Whatever the case may be, we don’t advise trying this at home unless you enjoy your pet openly besmirching your life. That said, we’re all grateful Sparta didn’t become agitated or outright angry with Williams once he discovered the truth.

Still, watch out dude: Some cats can prove to be vindictive, murderous little souls.

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