Google Street View Features Dog View in Japan: Video

While out for a walk with your best dog bud, have you ever wondered what the world looks like from their point of view? We’d venture a guess that most pup parents have, or at least they have during a stroll around their own local neighborhood.

Now, imagine for a second that you could visit anywhere in the world and see the landscape from a dog’s perspective. Mashable reports that Google Japan has made it possible to take a dog-led tour of places like Odate City, in the Akita prefecture, the homeland of the famous Akita dog breed. Two doggos, Ako and Asuka, act as canine guides with cameras attached to their backs. Google Japan refers to this feature as “dog view.”

In the video above, the pups check out the city’s most famous attractions, like one of the bronze statues of Hachiko, a local hero dog who gained international acclaim for his loyalty. Other special places in this “dog view” include a snowy trail, an open-air footbath and the Akita dog museum.

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The Google Dog View blog on Tumblr is another spot for international dog-watching, from Ambanja, Madagascar, to Trienta y Tres, Uruguay, somewhere in the world, a canine is sniffing around for food scraps and scrappy adventures.

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