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Save Your Pet From Easter Hazards

Easter weekend is a time when you remember the resurrection of Jesus followed by the celebrations with your family. We decorate our homes with bunny monograms, pillow covers, wreaths and partake in many recreational activities happening in our city. Hiding eggs is also the most celebrated activity on Easter. Though it is a fun time for us and our families, most of the pets are exposed to Easter Hazards. To save them from these dangers, we must be careful about using the things that pose threat to their life and well-being. Go through the list below to apprise yourself of things that risk the lives of your pets.

Easter Things That Lead to Poisoning In Pets

Plastic Décor

Certain décor items like plastic grass or plastic wreath when ingested by pets can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. As pets are unable to digest plastic stuff, it leads to vomiting, stomach ache, weight loss and lethargy in them. Make sure you keep these items away from your beloved furry pal.

Chocolates and Dry Fruits

Many people make Easter eggs out of chocolate, which sounds delectable. But, when it comes to dogs, chocolates and raisins play havoc. They increase the heart rate of the dog and causes pancreatitis, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal issues and seizures in him. So, no sweets for your pet this Easter.


Don’t even think of decorating that precious vase in your drawing hall with lilies, if you have a feline in your house. Cats are allergic to lilies; exposure to which can cause serious health conditions like kidney failure and gastrointestinal problems in them. Consumption of even two to three petals of lily can cause vomiting and sickness in cats. Better to avoid planting lilies in your garden or using it in decorations, if you have a kitty at home.


Easter is the best time to look after your backyard. We definitely love adding some plants to our kitchen garden and rev them up with fertilizers and herbicides. However, make sure to keep these chemicals stored away from your pet as they can be hazardous to their health.

Easter is a chance to brighten up our lives. And, as a pet parent, it gives us an opportunity to renew the lives of our furry pals, saving them from uncalled situations. Nurture them, gift them with a dose of love, and make them part of your celebrations. But, remember to keep them safe.

Have a happy and safe Easter this year!

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