Chihuahua Saved from Hoarding Situation Gives Birth to 11 Babies on National Puppy Day

Laugh Out Loud, LOL for short, couldn’t have picked a better day to welcome a litter of puppies into the world.

The rescue Chihuahua gave birth to 11 “fat and healthy” baby dogs on Friday’s National Puppy Day, Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption president Danielle Reno tells PEOPLE.

A “full-blown pregnant” LOL was recently rescued by the Mission, Kansas-based non-profit from a nearby hoarding situation in Kansas City. The former owner of LOL and numerous other dogs surrendered the animals to the care of the rescue.

After LOL was taken in by Unleashed Pet Rescue, she was placed in a foster home so she could comfortably give birth.

Courtesy Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

Reno and her staff were expecting LOL’s due date to arrive soon, it was the number of new arrivals that shocked them.

“My heart was racing by the time they reached number 10,” Reno recalls.

The rescue president says that in her time working with animals the largest Chihuahua litter she has seen is seven. While dogs have given birth to larger litters, those babies usually belong to bigger dogs, not tiny Chihuahuas.

Courtesy Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

Reno is overjoyed that all of the little ones were born healthy and that mom, even after previous ordeals, is doing well.

“She is so sweet,” Reno says of LOL, who is protective of her pups, but kind enough to let her foster family help care for the babies.

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Courtesy Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption

For now, LOL and her big brood will stay at their foster home. Once the puppies are old enough to be spayed and neutered (about 8 to 10 weeks), they will be put up for adoption. Two of the baby dogs have already been claimed, but the other nine and mom LOL are still looking for forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting one of these National Puppy Day birthday beauties for yourself, contact Unleashed Pet Rescue at

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