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Caring for Your Fur Baby’s Eyes, Ears and Teeth

The overall health of your pet depends a lot on the health of your pet’s eyes, ears, and oral structure. The health of these three organs is vital to enable your pet to live a beautiful and happy life. Therefore, follow hints and make it a part of your pet parenting rituals.

Caring for Your Fur Baby’s Eyes, Ears and Teeth

Eye Care Hints

• Observe your dog’s eyes regularly.
• Use moist cloth to remove the mucus from his eye.
• For better cleaning, use Kyron Eye Wash. It soothes and cleans the eye of the pet.
• Use clippers to trim the excess hair surrounding both the eye.
• Check if any foreign object has caused any redness or damage to his eye.
• If his eye seems injured, contact your vet immediately.
• Ensure regular eye cleaning.
• Visit vet for routine eye examinations.

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Ear Care Hints

• Ear mites and bacterial growth in ear are the common causes of ear infection in pets.
• To avoid ear infection in your dog make sure you do regular cleaning of your pet’s ears.
• The best way to do this is to put few drops of an antifungal and anti bacterial ear cleaning solution in your pet’s ear and remove the wax and debris with cotton balls.
• For ease of application, try Epi-Otic ear cleaner. It is antifungal and antibacterial ear cleaner.
• Thus, clean your dog’s ear regularly to safeguard his ear health.
• Consult vet regularly for ear examinations.

Oral Care Hints

• A pet by the age of 3 faces oral issues. Therefore, dental care is need of the hour to avoid dental diseases among pets.
• To ensure this, the only option a pet parent has is to brush his pet’s teeth regularly.
• This is important to remove the excess of plaque and tartar formed around a furry pet’s gum line.
• At the same time, gifting treats that help in discharging plaque and tartar from a pet’s mouth can be of great help.
• Make sure to use toothpaste and toothbrush meant for dogs only. Pet Dent Dental Kit
Is a complete dental kit for dogs and cats and the kit is quite popular among both dog parents and cat parents.
• Visit your vet regularly to avoid any dental issue in your pet.

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