Dog Dad Ever Buys 5,000 Balls for Homemade Ball Pit: Video

They say every dog has its day, and boy oh boy did one dog dad just make his canine feel like the belle of the ball.

Or the belle of 5,400 balls, to be exact.

In the above video of a home D.I.Y. project, YouTube influencer penguinz0 (whose real name is Charlie, according to the Irish Examiner) shows off the incredible ball pit he recently made for his pet husky, Tetra.

This pup’s pure joy is palpable as she dashes and leaps through the colorful orbs, which her dad says he bought when a local Toys ‘R’ Us went out of business. The toy emporium was selling packs of 200 ball pit balls for $2 per unit. So, the dedicated dog dad went ahead and bought 27 packs of balls, totaling over 5,000 rainbow spheres of puppy ecstasy.

Tetra goes absolutely “berserk,” her owner describes to the Press Association.

“When she sees the hallway, it’s like a kid on Christmas looking at a brand new bike,” Charlie says. “The main issue with having the ball pit hallway is getting Tetra away from it. Not even Thanos with all six infinity stones could get her out when she’s in there. We eventually resort to bribery with treats to pull her away from it after a while.”

He’s even placed a boogie board at one end of the hall as a fun way for humans to get to the bathroom at the other end, he says.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, the ball pit is still in full effect.

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“My girlfriend is fighting the urge to get more from other Toys ‘R’ Us locations,” he tells the Press Association. “5,400 may be just the beginning. I fear we may end up like Icarus and fly too close to the sun, drowning in our own balls.”

To keep track of Tetra’s extra ballistic, infinitely ball-tastic adventures, you can follow the pup on Instagram at @TetratheHusky.

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