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Are Flea & Tick Collars The Fight Fleas and Ticks this Summer?

Summer is all here and so as fleas and ticks with their nasty mission to attack and feed on the furry companions. You may be exploring various options to protect your furry pal from fleas and ticks this summer season. Among multitude of flea control options, collars have high efficacy when it comes to protect your furry pal from nasty fleas and ticks. In summers, the demand for flea and tick collars rises due to their effectiveness and easy to use feature. Not to mention collars such as Seresto flea and tick collars stands as protection shield against fleas and ticks for full 8 months.


Why Choose Flea And Tick Collars?

Surely, a pet parent has the option of choosing flea control products such as Frontline Plus or Advantage to protect their dog from parasites but that will not resist him from going out to play near the woods or in the garden where ticks are found in abundance. A flea and tick collar comes in the picture for this very reason. Collars are handy, water resistant, easy to use, comfortable and most importantly effective against fleas and ticks. Thus, a need for flea and tick collar arises for your pet this hot season.

What Does A Flea And Tick Collar Offer?

• Collars such as Seresto Flea and Tick Collar offer 8 months protection against fleas and ticks.

• The best thing about flea collars is that they are easy to use, handy and water resistant.

• You don’t have to remember date for next dose or treatment. Once your pet has put on this collar, he will be protected from fleas and ticks for the next 8 months.

• Mosquito and flea repellent

• Long lasting flea and tick treatment

• Provides 24/7 protection against external parasites.

• Provides best Value For Money

The Bottom Line

Fleas and ticks are synonymous with the summer season. With the availability of effective flea and tick collar, you can give your pet an all round protection against fleas and ticks. Do clean your house regularly and the garden area to disrupt the flea life cycle present in your home environment.

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