Rachel Lindsay Says Her Dog Is Why Bryan Abasolo Got the Final Rose: 'Copper Made the Decision'

Being the Bachelorette is difficult business. Narrowing down around 30 eligible bachelors to your one dream man is a lot to take on, so help is always appreciated.

For Rachel Lindsay that crucial assistance came from her furry best friend, Copper the dog.

“Basically, Copper made the decision!” she told PEOPLE on Sunday at her Will You Accept This Rose Smoothie Charity Event to benefit Paw Works at Raw Junkies in Studio City, California, of how she decided to accept fiancé Bryan Abasolo‘s proposal at the end of her season

Lindsay knew from the start that Copper — whom she recently found out through a DNA test is part Pomeranian, German shepherd, Chow Show and American Eskimo — had to be “part of the show.” 

So she included the canine on one of her earlier Bachelorette dates and brought him along on hometowns. Lindsay said it was on her trip to meet Abasolo’s family that Cooper made his opinions clear.

“During my hometown, Copper actually came around and he sat right at my feet,” Abasolo shared. 

“Yeah! I am right next to him, and he walks up and sits down at his feet and I was like, ‘I hear you, Copper. That is the one’,” Lindsay added, noting that Copper didn’t respond that way to any of the other guys. 

Helping his owner with this big decision is just one of the ways Copper has changed Lindsay’s life. The lawyer decided to adopt to dog after her sister found the pooch abandoned on a road.

“I remember people asking, me, ‘How long have you had him?’ And I would be like, ‘I’ve had him for two weeks.’ And they would say, ‘It’s like you have had him forever’,” Lindsay said. “So, it’s like, he needed me, I needed him, and we found each other. I know it sounds so weird to talk like that for someone who may not be a dog owner. This dog completely changed me.”

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