Water-Loving Dog Drags His Favorite Sprinkler Inside to Beat the Texas Heat

Baloo is 5 months old, right in midst of the “terrible twos” of puppydom, his owner Cara Wohr tells PEOPLE.

The energetic border collie has a “kind, loving heart and is never mean at all,” but does have a bit of an obsession.

Baloo loves the sprinkler. Living in Lake Dallas, Texas, where summer temperatures often surpass 105 degrees, this obsession makes sense. The issue is when Baloo decided to take his favorite pastime indoors.

Wohr was recently resting in her bedroom reading a magazine. when she heard a “clank, clank, clank.” With several dogs in the house, Wohr wasn’t too worried about the noise until she heard barking.

The owner walked into her family room to discover that Baloo, looking to beat the heat, had come inside the doggy door … and brought the running sprinkler with him.

“I was in a panic on what to do,” Wohr recalls. “My lamp and TV were getting soaked.”

Lucky for us, Wohr had the wherewithal to take a quick burst of photos to document the moment. She shared one of the shots on Facebook, where it has received more than 117,000 shares.

The aftermath of the incident was easy enough to clean up. Now, Wohr plans to keep an extra eye on Baloo when she is watering the lawn.

When Baloo is playing with the sprinkler outside, he “entertains everybody,” Wohr says, adding that the dog will jump through the sprinkler smiling until he gets tired, at which point he will just stand over the contraption and let the water hit his belly.

It is this fun-loving personality that made Wohr fall in love with the dog, who reminds her of her late dog Wolfy, another smart and sweet border collie.

Wohr isn’t the only one enchanted by Baloo: the owner says her dog has fans as far as Germany, who contacted her after seeing the photos of Baloo’s indoor sprinkler shenanigans.

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