Cat Grabbed and Dropped by Hungry Hawk Ends Up Stuck in Tree for Three Days

Members of Ohio’s Erie Valley Fire and Rescue found themselves caught in the middle of a furry firefighter stereotype this weekend.

On Sunday, the fire department received a call about cat that had been stuck in a tree for three days. Ellen Albert, the unlucky feline’s owner, waited to ask for assistance because her neighbors told her cats often come down on their own.

“She wasn’t going to make it,” Albert told Fox 8 about her concerns after several days had passed with no Fluffy. “She was going to die up there and she was all alone, the trees are swaying.”

Thankfully, Erie Valley Fire and Rescue was happy to answer the call. With help from T Rowley Lawns LLC, the rescuers were able to reach Fluffy, carefully pull her out of her precarious position and bring her back down to land.

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After spotting some hawks near the tree where Fluffy was found, Erie Valley Fire Chief Rick Annen said he believes one of the big birds swooped in and picked the cat up by her collar. Since Fluffy was found in the tree without her collar, it is possible she somehow slipped out of the accessory and fell into the tree after being snatched by the hawk.

“I’ve been in it 40 years and I’ve never had to rescue a cat. I’ve never had one not come down,” Annen said of the situation.

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