Intoxicated New Year's Eve Reveler Wakes Up in Stranger's Dog Bed Next to 120-lb. Mastiff

One Waukesha, Wisconsin, man started his 2019 with a face full of dog breath.

According to WTMJ, Lynn Sarver woke up at 5:15 a.m. on New Year’s Day to find a stranger sleeping in her dog’s bed. This isn’t just any dog bed, but a twin mattress that Sarver keeps on the floor for her 120-lb. Mastiff, Benton.

Sarver was understandably discomforted that a man got into her home and passed out a few feet away from the couch she and her roommate fell asleep on. Benton was less bothered: Sarver found the dog resting on top of the unidentified man, who had scattered his personal belongings around the dog bed.

The dog owner and her roommate called the Waukesha Police Department for help with the dozing intruder. Authorities arrived and woke the man up. According to FOX 6, a police report from the incident states the man was “heavily intoxicated after celebrating New Year’s Eve. He accidentally entered the wrong residence.”

The 24-year-old man, who ended up living two doors down from Sarver, explained to her, her roommate and the officers that after a night of drinking at a Waukesha bar to celebrate New Year’s Eve he got a ride home, but doesn’t remember anything after midnight, reports Penn Live.

Sarver isn’t sure how the man got into the house, but she believes she may have left her front door accidentally unlocked. She told WTMJ that the accidental intruder was embarrassed and apologetic about the scare. She does not plan on pressing charges. She does plan on making sure to lock her doors from now on.

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